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Autism Apps Helping in Education for Special Needs Children

October 16th, 2021

Training people with cognitive and intellectual disabilities to work with autism apps likes “Just Match” and “Math on the Farm” and other digital technologies, is considered by many experts as the best way to prepare them for proper jobs that recognize their capabilities. It can give them employment opportunities outside the usual food service jobs, basic landscaping and janitorial work.

Autism experts, educators, counselors, and therapists are unanimous in their opinion that there should be a change in how the neuro-typical population perceives people with autism spectrum disorder and other intellectual disabilities. These conditions also include Asperger’s syndrome and Down syndrome.

Educators using autism apps likes “Just Match” and “Math on the Farm” say that there’s a gap in perception where the school boards and rehabilitation service coordinators see extending technology to train people who are visually and hearing challenged as useful. But they are apprehensive about using the same for people with autism spectrum disorder. They don’t want to spend money on autism apps.

Experts involved in researches on how special needs people use and interact with autism apps, say that they are often detail-oriented and usually more competent than their non-autistic peers in picking up the nuances of interactive technology. As a result, people with high-functioning autism or Asperger’s syndrome are considered as good candidates for various jobs in the information technology (IT) sector, including web development and data entry.

It’s encouraging that many big organizations and multinational companies have started to look at the strengths of people with autism spectrum disorder, rather than highlight their weaknesses. These companies have started to tailor the hiring practices for recruiting people with autism who possess the required technical skills that the companies are hunting for. Experts say that many special needs job aspirants may never have passed the interview process in a typical hiring environment because of their quirky social behaviors.

Apps like “Just Match” and “Math on the Farm”, if introduced at the proper age, have proved to deliver results. Many schools in the US school districts have included autism apps in their curriculum. Parents too have responded positively to the introduction of these apps. With portable digital devices like iPads and tabs becoming common gadgets, these apps have become more popular.

Experts are happy that companies are opening up to recruit a large segment of talent which was so far overlooked. But compared to the growing number of people with autism, it’s still a far cry from what’s actually needed.